I am a Minneapolis based sculptor and gardener who creates spaces to experience rest, connection, and reflection between people and the natural environment. These spaces, simultaneously sculpture, gardens, and architecture, offer viewers a place to spend prolonged and open ended engagement with the environment they are situated within.

As a visual artist and gardener, I approach all of my work with the mindset of reciprocity, growth, and decay. Working with natural materials that break down and grow over time such as soil, cedar, and plants, allows me to engage in a collaborative relationship with them, giving the material the room to be an active participant. These works are constantly in a state of becoming, never completed upon the installation. Calling upon the conceptual qualities of the Mono-Ha movement as well as the formal qualities of minimalism and landscape architecture, my work reduces forms to basic shapes and compositions to center the experience on the relationship between material, body, and place.

Often taking the shape of abstract architectural space, the work encourages the viewer to consider their body in relationship to the material and their surroundings. Although architecture is often thought of and used to create barriers, isolate, and severe us from the environment we exist within, I am interested in using the language of architecture to create porous spaces that are neither interiors or exteriors and simultaneously both. I strive to cultivate spaces that give people the license to be still, to linger, and to rest within our natural environment. It is in this mindset of stillness that I believe ideas of wonder and reciprocity can take root.


Instagram: @tom_bierlein